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About Riven

Pushing yourself beyond your limits to achieve physical and mental greatness is what defines RIVEN. Our goal is to bring out the fighter in every one of us; to train harder, run faster, and most importantly BE BETTER. 
RIVEN is a company whose goal is to get people to take life to the next level. Respect, Integrity, Victory, Effort, and Never give up are words we live by. We focus on Victory in all we do. We don’t have to beat someone to have a victory. We are about making a conscious effort to love life and thrive.

Whether that is getting in the cage and proving to yourself what you are made of, shredding the gnar or just pushing yourself in everything you do. RIVEN means to shred or tear apart. We create a culture that is all about pursuing your passion with abandon and finding joy through looking forward to every new challenge!

Riven is dedicated to the advancement of impact athletics and specifically MMA as a sport around the world. We work with the best up and coming MMA fighters to help them pursue their dreams of fighting on the biggest stages and in front of the largest crowds.
Get your Riven gear today and help support a clean cut MMA brand and the fighters we represent. Become a part of the Riven team today!

-Thanks so much for all our supporters and those who want to live life with purpose.

What are YOU fighting for?


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