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Me vs Myself

At RIVEN, we are focused on being our best version of ourself and helping others do the same.
Nothing is more rewarding than helping others achieve their goals. Right behind that, is working hard to achieve something that is a personal goal.

We really don't care if your thing is bodybuilding or Crossfit, wrestling or basketball. What we really think is cool, is people doing what they enjoy and trying to do a good job at it.
I don't even have a lot of specific goals. I love my family, so I try to be the best husband and dad that I can be. I like to lift weights, so when I go to the gym, I lift hard. I like Jiu Jitsu, so when I go train, I try to learn and train hard. You get the point.
We aren't about proving haters wrong. We try not to waste time worrying about the people that think and say negative things about us. We like to focus on the positive and on doing things because we love them and because it will impress or help the people we love and we know love us.

So instead of an Us vs. The World attitude, we try to have a Me vs. Myself attitude. That means, we care more about improving ourselves everyday than we care about beating someone else.
We take pleasure in seeing people make changes for good. We hope that you can find joy in small daily progress.
Thanks again for all your support and go kick butt at whatever it is you love!
-Adam Legas

In this picture: This is the wife of our brand manager, Omar Prestwich. Omar and Samra are training to run their first marathon. Samra is also a very talented designer and artist, but is pushing herself to run this marathon for a good cause.