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Goals & Dreams

When my son Cooper was about 8, I asked him, “Coop, if you could have one wish, what would you want it to be?"
He thought about it for a second and then said very definitively, “I’d wanna be the world's best break-dancer."
Totally baffled, I said, “What?  Why that?  Why not be the world's greatest
athlete or something?"

Cooper, who has always had, and still has quite a bit of confidence responded, “Why would I waste a wish on that?" (Meaning, why wish for something that he already had?) But, to this day, Coop still has huge dreams and goals.  

So here are some of my thoughts about dreams and goals. To some, they might seem like kind of the same thing. But in my experience, they are quite a bit different and for me and thinking of them this way makes it possible for me to accomplish more.

To me, a dream might be to have the world's most successful brand, and be bigger than Nike. But in reality, because of the fact that I have a family and lots of bills, I have to do something that pays for all of that.

Dreams don't pay bills. However, I have lots of goals.  Currently, my biggest goal, is to have RIVEN be big enough to pay all my bills.  That way, I can afford to stop working on things that I only do so that I can pay my bills, and be able to give 100% of my work time to building my brand.  

So in order to achieve that first big goal, I have lots of little goals.  As I accomplish these smaller goals, I get closer and closer to accomplishing dreams.

My sons Gunnar and Cooper both want to play Quarterback in the NFL.  That is their dream.  However, every day, they focus on their goals.  Their main goal is to be the best quarterback they can be, this upcoming season.  Inside of that are all kinds of smaller goals.  Get their lifting done, drink at least two protein shakes a day,  watch film and read about being a quarterback.  They have goals to lift a certain amount of weight and run a
certain time in the 40, by a certain day.  To me, this is the most effective way to achieve.

I feel like if you only focus on the dream, it's hard to know where to start and what to do first.  Some people might think that this small thinking limits your capability.  I think it's exactly the opposite.  One of my closest friends once had a dream to have $10 million dollars!  Well, he focused on accomplishing daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals and now he is a billionaire.

So my advice is to go ahead and dream big!  However, spend almost all your time accomplishing tasks that help you reach realistic goals.  Realistic goal setting is so essential for success.  If your life's biggest
dreams are what you always focus on, then you forget about all the little things that need to be done to get to the next step.  If your next goal is always too big and not something you can control, then it's easy to get discouraged by constantly coming up short, or failing.

I've experienced some great successes and lots of failure.  However, the greatest things that I've ever achieved in my life have come when I dream big and work small.

Focus on what you know you can control, and work on the things that you know you can achieve, and you will be amazed at the great things you can accomplish.

–Adam Legas, RIVEN Athletics